Thursday, April 13, 2023

She's a Keeper


(Silly ducks from my morning walk. Two lagoons here and they stand in a puddle.)

Our daughter married into the Jewish faith, so I asked how her Passover Seder went this weekend at her house. She said it had been a good day - the food turned out well, and all three boys were there, two home from college.

          Still, at the end of the, I’m sure, sumptuous feast she’d spent the day preparing, the subject of dessert came up.

 Whoops. Nope, no dessert.

The older grandson’s girlfriend, now attending her first Passover with the family, and who’d already brought flowers and a scented candle as hostess gifts, said, “. . . Well, um. I kind of have something.”

She’d picked up Italian cookies, but after reading up on the holiday (bless her heart), realized that only unleavened bread was permitted, so had left them in her car.

My daughter and son-in-law, who have hosted three bar mitzvahs and been active participants at their temple, are also pretty flexible. Maybe even more so for dessert.

“Oh, that’s fine! Bring ‘em on!!”

She ran out to her car and returned, platter in hand.

That’s the dinner guest you want, one who comes with back-up desserts.


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