Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Handy Life Hack

A mysterious black blob appeared on the wall outside our front door. As I stood there contemplating it, along came a wasp and settled happily onto it. Mystery solved.

          I was on my way to Lowes’ anyway, so now I had one more thing to add to my list. There were three brands of wasp spray there, all about the same price. A blonde saleslady wandered over (Incredible. Not only an available salesperson in a big box hardware store, but one who arrived unsummoned) and she must have been in a chatty mood.

          “They’re all about the same.” She pointed to a two-pack. “This one’s a good deal.”

          “No, it a small nest. I just need the one.”

          The saleslady took on a chummy tone, “I used to work in the hotel business for thirty years.” She leaned in. “Know what I did? I told my folks to always keep a can of this behind the counter.”

          Wondering if there was a wasp problem I didn’t know about at Hampton Inns, I responded, “Really?”

          “Yep. Goes just as far as pepper spray.” She nodded in reminiscence. “And sometimes I had to drive from hotel to hotel, at night. Always kept a can in my car.” She smiled at me, “ ‘Course I always have my gun and my carry permit, but some places won’t let you bring ‘em in.”



  1. So does she tote her wasp spray into the restaurant in lieu of her gun? Ah, Florida.

    That nest is probably from a mud-dauber, if it's a black blob. They're pretty harmless, though the nests are unsightly.

  2. Ah yes, we Americans and our guns. There's no problem a AR-15 can't fix. We're first in the world in children's death by guns, first in the world in banning books, first in incarcerated people...just no end to our greatness.

  3. How interesting! So many more ways to use wasp spray. I have to go check out the blog written by your previous commenter. Sounds like someone after my own heart.

  4. A great visual, her marching into a restaurant, a can of wasp spray holstered on each hip.

  5. She used a gun to kill wasps?

  6. I have a wasp nest on the wall beside my window, on the outside of course, and I'm just leaving it until the wasp eggs hatch and the nest is empty, then I'll destroy it. Next year they will go somewhere else.


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