Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Wake Up Call

Instead of breakfast out on Sunday, the morning found us at the urgent care shop.

My Guy had stepped funny (unfortunately not in Monty Python style) and done something unfortunate to his ankle. It had been bothering him for a few days and Dr. Google hadn't been able to cure it. Inspection, X-rays, a wrap, a plastic brace, a fistful of prescriptions, and he was done. About an hour and a half - you couldn’t beat the convenience.

          Then began the round-robin of getting those prescriptions filled. CVS could fill one (to be picked up later), but had been out of the other for two months. Off to Walgreens, who did have the second, which I would also pick up later. The second, by the way, is a lower-tier narcotic, so maybe CVS is intentionally out of it to save the hassle.

          On my return to Walgreens, my wait in line gave me plenty of time for reflection – and gratitude for my own good health. When the line behind me grew, they opened a second pharmacy window. At the window on the left stood a very overweight 30ish lady, who (I couldn’t help overhearing) was picking up medication for diabetes. At the window on the right was a painfully thin older woman, with a waist so microscopic I thought at first it was an optical illusion. And as we all stood there, someone ushered a tiny lady with her small shopping cart over to the seats to wait, rather than have her stand in line. Her gray, sparse hair sprang in every direction, her clothes appeared to have been thrown on her from a distance, and she was so doubled over from what must have been spinal issues that when she sat, you almost couldn’t see her behind the cart.

          When I wake in the morning and wonder if that sudden jolt in a back muscle or stab from a leg cramp could be signaling the beginning of something awful, I’m going to tell my head to just shut up.


  1. I do envy the quick walk in clinic! Yes, it could always be worse, couldn't it? Sometimes it is good for us to be reminded. -Jenn

  2. Oh yes. And sadly I at least often need those reminders. Shame on me.

  3. You painted a great word picture of those people. And I, too, am grateful for the health I have and often tell myself to think happy thoughts, not dwell on aches and pains.

  4. Careful about telling your head to shut up. Sometimes heads can be smart. 😄

  5. at the end of yoga class when Abby is ending it with a jesus prayer, I do my gratitudes...I'm grateful I'm not hungry, I'm grateful I'm not homeless, I'm grateful I'm not sick. and by sick I mean plagued with debilitating conditions.

  6. I can picture those people from your words. I can sympathize with your husband. I also have an ankle injury that has taken forever to heal. Thank goodness, I'm once again mobile!


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