Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Cooking Urges




It was a slow day on Sunday, which meant a big pot of Pasta e Fagioli. If (when?) that recession arrives, this will just the thing to hold body and soul together. 

I wanted some bread to go with it, because a gallon of pasta and beans can't possibly be enough carbs. I had yeast, so why not?

Except I wasn't in the mood for a loaf of bread since I tend to view a homemade loaf as just a handy vehicle for my body weight in butter.  So - sweet rolls! No calories there.

My old Betty Crocker offered several recipes, except they all began with "1/2 recipe of sweet dough." Not wanting to figure out how to divide one packet of yeast, I made a full recipe and turned it into 12 orange sweet rolls and 12 cinnamon buns. Obscenely good. Half of the day's baking went into the freezer, handy for another occasion of diet destruction. 


  1. Diet destruction can only be a good thing since, you know, the brevity of life...I want to go out eating yummy rolls and pasta, thank you. I do not feel so alone!!!

  2. I didn't realize how hungry I am until I read (and saw) this post. But i get my teeth cleaned in an hour and don't want to mess up my clean mouth, :-)

  3. When I think about recessions, I think how everyone contributes by cutting expenses, even though, for most people, their income doesn't change.

  4. Drat you. Now I am hungry. And there is nothing so alluring to be had here.


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