Thursday, September 22, 2022

Flowers, Frog, Fox

This weekend’s gardening was mostly about pulling things up before I had to unearth them from the impending fall mountain of leaves. Still, there were a couple of small discoveries.




          This cute guy, translucent enough to live with Gollum.







          And I’m still finding plants the previous owner planted, this time a Pink Turtlehead, which I must have overlooked in past years. I only know what it is because I used the handy Seek app on my phone – aim your phone at the mystery plant and it will tell you (sometimes, if it’s in the mood) what you’re looking at. 


          Animals must feel the change in the seasons, too. Last week on the golf course, this skinny fox crossed in front of us and settled himself at the base of a tree in the sun like a cat. We weren’t sure if he’s just become accustomed to humans strolling through or if he was too hungry to care. 

    We had two does with their teenagers in the backyard yesterday. Both kids tried nursing, but mom shook them off so they shrugged and turned to munching leaves instead.

          This week is neck-up tune-ups. Yesterday eye doctor, today another root canal- Whoopee!



  1. I am so glad to read that others struggle with the identify this plant apps.
    Love your captures and hope your medical appointments go well.

  2. I have never seen a fox that skinny. I hope he finds food soon, but not someone's pet or chickens.

  3. That root canal sounds like a bummer. I'm hoping you get that behind you without incident.

  4. That is a very skinny fox. Not to be depressing, but he's not going to make it through the winter unless he gets better at finding some food.


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