Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Blogger toying with me


Procrastination has its advantages.

          Over the weekend I had what seemed to be a creeping technological infection.

My blog reading list that I use to access favorite sites was becoming less and less accessible. First I was unable to reach one or two blogs, and by Sunday almost my entire list was unreachable. I would click on the title, and instead of landing happily at Going Gently, for instance, I’d hit a wall. I tried my iPad instead of my laptop and aimed myself at Ellen Abbott’s land and instead of lovely glass artwork, I was landed in the middle of what looked to my untrained eye like coding, all numbers and hieroglyphics.

          I returned to my blog list and began writing down everyone’s addresses. I don’t want to lose you folks! And then I meandered away my Monday instead of facing up to a tedious task of trying to figure out how to re-enter sites on my blog, if even that would work.

          This morning I opened my tablet, and voila! You were all there!




  1. It's been screwy for just about everyone. My blog list had destinations missing or moved to the very bottom. Everything seems to be back where it's supposed to be today.

  2. Blogger had a hissy fit over the weekend. Interestingly not for all of us, but definitely some. It seems to have mostly recovered.

  3. I follow blogs through a reader program called Feedly, so I was unaware of the issues that others were having. Until I read ther various posts, that is. 😁

  4. I have most of my blog friends listed under "favourites" so if anything doesn't work, I can still get to all of them. I wasn't affected by this latest round of shenanigans, thank goodness.

  5. Yeah, it was some weird weekend glitch. It affected all of us, I think, but fortunately it got sorted out.


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