Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Woods and Words

Today was a heady combination of library, haircut, and gas – buying it, that is.

          I always check out four books at a time and it’s a good thing I do. Inevitably, I’ve already read one of the four I thought was a new find. This time, though, I needed to return one that I didn’t have the patience for. I’ve read others by this author, but I guess my tastes have changed and cutesy mysteries just annoy me now. My own books fall into the cozy mystery genre, but at least my characters don’t have an alliterative name like Polly Patterson and bake cupcakes all the time.



          Our town library is small (in fact, I cheat occasionally and go to a neighboring town for a bigger selection) but it’s large on charm.




 Its latest venture is a story walk for the littlies. 


I do hope soon one of these days I can lure our twin girls over from Rhode Island for a stroll down the path.



  1. That story walk is enticing. What our kids missed out on.

  2. I like the cozy mysteries, but I can only read a couple of those in between the murder mysteries I prefer. And there are only so many talking witchy cats I can stand. one a year is plenty.

  3. I love the idea of a story walk - and am not going to admit how many libraries I belong too.

  4. I don’t know what mysteries you watch. Brokenwood has been ok in the past, but they have become absurd in this latest season. We suffered through 2 and gave up halfway through the third episode.

  5. That story walk looks like a great idea. I've stopped visiting the library since Covid and my purchase of a Kindle, which has lots of books on it I still need to read.

  6. Combining storytelling with exercise! That's novel! (No pun intended -- honest.)


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