Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Becoming Mrs. Kravitz

Lately I’ve been curious about the neighbors next door.

          In the five years that we’ve lived here, we’ve had only two conversations, and sightings of them are as rare as blue moons. Our porches sit side by side, only a few yards apart. In good weather we use ours constantly, while they seem to only use theirs to access their grill.

          Last Saturday an unfamiliar SUV appeared in their driveway and ever since their porch has been occupied, morning to night, heat wave or no heat wave. Breakfast in the morning air I can see, but at 2 pm when it’s 88 degrees out? And they’re still going strong at 7 pm.

          The other thing that has me stumped is the conversation. It never ends. They’ve been out there talking with their visitors for 5 days. After just two days, I’d have laryngitis and would’ve exhausted my entire store of conversation.



          We’re beginning to think these are possibly the kind of visitors who have settled in like barnacles and are oblivious to all forms of subtle hints.



          As far as I can tell no one’s gone anywhere since last weekend

          Maybe we have a hostage situation on our hands?



  1. Sounds like a pent-up need! I can't keep chatting for two hours, let alone days on end!

  2. Perhaps they are making up for years of not talking - to anyone.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, hopefully no murder will be involved. But I do plan to watch for any digging in the backyard.

  4. Keep an eye on them Mrs Kravitz and if anything happens, let us know.

  5. Very curious indeed. I hope it ends soon, for everyone's sake. Very odd behavior, I'd say. :-)

  6. Ha! Maybe your neighbors are forcing the guests to stay on the porch in order to "move them along"?

    1. (Sorry - my replies from my iPad are anonymous)
      Good theory. Our latest idea here is that the neighbors are borders and there’s no room in the house.


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