Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Panacea for a dull week

Grandparents' gift of umbrellas was a big hit. Instant fort.





And here we are with just the solution for those of you whose life feels a little flat. 

This is last week’s report from our (now 4! Birthday last week!) twin granddaughters’ pre-school. Feel free to adopt some of these activities to brighten your own day.

·         Rolling art with different rolling materials (tubes, cart wheels, balls, paint rollers) and ramps    Ramps? Do you ride down the ramp as you’re painting?

·         Riding scooters tied up together in block area    This sounds a little dangerous, but hey – gotta toughen these kids up.

·         Throwing beans bags into a tall tube and inside a hoop More my speed

·         Playing "Who's Missing?"    I remember my own kids playing this in the grocery store.

·         Playing the conga and dancing to different rhythms  Now you’re talking.

·         Painting with toothbrushes and different shades of blue paint  Hopefully not a project that continues at home.

·         Making fizzy water with frozen vinegar and baking soda Yuck

·         Picnicking at Paradise Park    Eating is one of my major skills

·         Throwing hoops up and across at the park    And then during retrieval we revert back to #4 “Who’s Missing?

·         Painting with our feet! So that’s why my child came home with one fuchsia foot and one tangerine?

If you find conversation lagging at your next gathering, here’s what the under-five set was discussing the first week of May:

·         bird feathers

·         best friends 

·         birthdays   I’ll bet our grandgirls Maya and Lola were driving this one.

·          stuffies   For those of you behind the times, this is another name for stuffed animals and friends

·         And back by popular demand ... poop!    A perennial favorite








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