Sunday, May 22, 2022

Dog Whistle

 We had town elections this Saturday for openings for the school committee and select board, to name a few.

It was interesting to see the election signs on everyone's front lawns, and people running for various positions would often have their signs positioned next to ones that I assumed had the same political bent.  It certainly simplified my voting choices.

However, I don't think these candidates would win any awards for subtlety.


  1. Oh ick! Political signs for Satan's spawn...

  2. We had our Federal Election on Saturday. Less than no subtlety. And sadly no requirement for truth in political advertising.

  3. And they don't come down soon, generally.

  4. I don't like the idea of signs on people's lawns or cars and homes either. Bad enough here the political parties put their signs up on stobie poles far too early, so we all get sick of seeing them.

  5. Yes, that sign does leave much to wonder about, does it? :-)

  6. Next Stop, The Landfill - Travel On My Friend



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