Thursday, December 30, 2021

Simple Pleasures

As ordinary as it was, yesterday left me with a real sense of accomplishment.

          It started at the YMCA in my old-lady aerobics class, which I’m glad I went to even if Wednesday’s instructor thinks it’s great for sexagenarians and older to be doing jumping jacks. Before class began, my friend Donna pulled me aside like she was about to give me a hot tip on the horse running in the third. She had something better – inside information that the senior center one town over was giving away Covid rapid tests. I almost did a jumping jack out of sheer glee.

          After a quick trip home to change, I decided that my planned trip to the grocery store could just as easily happen in the neighboring town. A quick visit to the senior center- yes, I’d like two, please! – and I’m now equipped for a safe visit to our unvaccinated three-year-old grandgirls. As even more of a score, I later realized that there are two tests per box.

          The market in town is a member of the chain I usually go to, but I think I like this one better than mine. And it was virtually empty, a magical thing in these Omicron times and two days before the mad rush to buy New Year’s Day food.

          I followed that with a visit to the Goodwill store a half mile away, where I donated two huge bags of Christmas decorations I haven’t used in years. This was quite the victory, since all the donation boxes in my area only want clothes.

          An early dinner out, a couple of episodes of The Mandalorian (thanks to daughter forgetting to log off of her Disney account last time she stayed with us), and the day was complete.



  1. Score on the Covid tests! This is one area where Dave and I are lucky -- we get them free through school courtesy of the NHS. (Because the government desperately wants schools to stay open.)

  2. You can't get home tests for love or money in NJ. Only if your employer distributes them, and most of them don't. So I will get an appointment if I have symptoms, and get the other test at the pharmacy. I don't have plans to be in company, so I try not to get unnerved! There is a state program which mails free tests which you have to use on zoom with supervision then mail back. But there are obviously drawbacks to its usefulness

    1. That state program sounds creepy- a little Big Brothery.

  3. I like the humor you make of yourself when You talk about old lady aerobics.

  4. Covid tests are hard to come by in my town. We had to go to the little college town in the next county.

  5. It sounds like an exceptionally wonderful day. Rapid Antigen tests are scarcer than hen's teeth here - and one pharmacy has been dividing the packages and selling individual tests for more than the whole packet cost before the rush started.

  6. How I wish the tests were free here, sadly they are as yet unavailable and when we do get them we have to buy them. I'll just stay home so I won't need any testing.

  7. You seem to be winding down the old year with some small victories.

  8. Lucky you on the Covid tests. We got together fully vaccinated and Boostered with the family and grandchildren. They tested themselves and they were also heading out on a plane and needed testing for a few days more. We cannot buy tests here.


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