Thursday, November 18, 2021

Break out the handkerchiefs


Never mind those vees of geese overhead, or the furnace’s hum from the basement.

I might be closing down the outside faucet for winter and checking window latches to discourage drafts, but there’s another sign here of incoming winter besides the pitch-black 4:30 p.m. walk with the dog.

          Too often at this time of
year, try as I might and in spite of emptying pockets, I open up the washer and am showered by a festival of Kleenex confetti from a forgotten tissue.



  1. This is a year-round occurrence for me.

  2. Sigh. Mostly I can avoid that, but how I curse (politely) when I fail.

  3. I use cloth hankies and never realized how often this scenario happened to me before I started doing that. :-)

  4. The solution to tissue confetti is white clothing. Try keeping that clean all winter (*~*) I am always careful to remove any tissues that I remember, but last week there was one I somehow forgot. I got most of the mess off with a lint roller.

  5. It drives Sue crszy when I do this, but I don’t slip up very often.


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