Friday, November 19, 2021

Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’ve found something to be truly grateful for.

          Our family is idiot-free. There might be a poorly-thought-out tattoo here and there, or that time at the lake when the local constabulary advised us against fireworks, but all-in-all we are solid people.

          All our kids, sons and daughters and nieces and nephews, are hard workers, good parents, and thoughtful people who are raising another batch of good citizens.

And we’re all vaccinated.

This was brought home to me yesterday when I heard of a friend (vaccinated) with a non-vaxxer son who appears to have married into a non-vaxxer family. Son’s father-in-law died this summer from Covid, and yet cause and effect is still apparently an unfamiliar concept because the son now has Covid. Oh, and so does his (vaccinated) dad, who’s pretty ill with it.

So yes, ‘when you’ve got your health you do have everything’, but it helps to have brains, too.

Thanks, family.



  1. That is a HUGE item to have on your gratitude list. My heart goes out to your friend.

  2. Good for you. Our family and all friends that I know of have common sense. We have our boosters booked. We just became eligible too book today.

  3. How I wish my family was idiot-free, but there is an anti-vaxxer. Thankfully, none of us lives close to any of the others. We are wide-spread throughout the city.

  4. Amen to that! I've been blessed with a mostly reasonable family as well. (There is one vaxx holdout, at least the last time I asked!)

  5. This makes me realize that my family (immediate, anyway) is completely devoid of idiots. Some of us are odder than others and all of us are odd in some way. BUT WE ARE NOT IDIOTS! We are the lucky ones, are we not? Also, knock wood, we have remained covid-free and are all vaccinated except for the four year old who does not qualify yet.

  6. Couldn't agree more. I still have a friend in her 70s who finds that there just isn't enough proof that jabs don't do harm. Silly cow.


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