Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Turkeys to Eggs

We’re very happy here, but

it’s easy to see our condo complex as a bit cookie-cutter, although those of us who live here know that the units can be surprisingly different inside. And what with the HOA restrictions – no lawn ornaments, no painting your front door a bright puce – it can look suburban-sterile. But we have a remarkable variety of trees and plantings, and although we’re a half-mile from Main Street, we’re surrounded by woods. When we first moved here, I heard tales of a bear sighting in the middle of the street.

If I’m by a back window at the right time, I’ll usually see three turkeys making their afternoon rounds. And they must begin their day at the other end of the complex; more than once I’ve had to stop to let them pass in the morning.

     A couple of days ago, when the Mumbai monsoon that’s been here for the past 14 days was taking a break, I managed to get out for a walk. Ahead of me on the sidewalk was a young deer. What to do?


I didn’t want to turn around, and I didn’t want to scare it. I continued slowly, head down. As I drew closer, I saw Mom on a lawn to my left. The teenager moved to the street, only about 10 feet away at this point, and I could hear its hooves tapping on the asphalt. With a sudden bound, it skittered around to the back of me, heading to the safety of Mama.

     I also finally managed to take a picture of a tree down the street from us. 

It’s a Gordonia axillaris
(and before you get impressed, I only know that because I just looked it up.) Otherwise known as a Fried Egg tree, an apt name. It’s even kind of fun when the flowers fall since they all land in a tidy circle at the base like an ambitious Sunday brunch.



  1. I love the fried egg tree. Are those wild turkeys taking a daily constitutional?

    1. Yup. They appear to have a routine they follow daily.

  2. We spot deer every now and then. It's nice except when I hit one and did a few thousand $ damage. Poor thing, but it ran off.

  3. An adventurous walk. Don't you like the way deer seem poised on those little hooves and skitter away.

  4. Love that tree - and would love to see your wildlife as well (despite knowing that deer and gardens don't always coexist well).

  5. I saw Mama Deer with her two young ones this morning on my walk. I also just put my head down and walked slowly while they watched. I love seeing wildlife on my daily walks.

  6. Haven't seen a group of wild turkeys for a long time. Deer, yes! Black bears we sight most years. Local employers with landscaping and picnic tables warn employees when not to eat lunch outside. Bear magnets.


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