Wednesday, July 14, 2021

(Too) Well Read

There’s a reason why I check out four books at a time from the library.

     Oh sure, I do like to have a stash, and last week I returned two of the four right away because they were duds. (I just don’t have the patience for dating high jinks at NYC’s Fashion Week, and some mysteries in the police procedural vein are too, well, procedural.) The third of the four went back because I’d already read it.

     I attribute this to the fact that I’ve read so much and tend to plow through the entire body of work of a favorite author that re-visits are inevitable. You’d think that I’d remember titles, but in spite of long debates over the titles of my own writing, I just don’t pay any attention to what’s on the cover. (I imagine there’s a lesson there.) 

We will not discuss the other possibilities of age or being scatter-brained.

     My town’s library, bless their hearts, is trying to help out here:


     If only there was an equivalent for audio books. I set out this morning, my little MP3 player plugged into my ear, for my morning walk. I was just far enough from home to make it inconvenient to discover I’d already read the book I was listening to.

     Okay, fine. I didn’t have my reading glasses, but I managed to find the next book on the list. After a brief struggle of squinting on the sidewalk (my MP3 player likes to capriciously begin a book in the middle) I found the beginning of a Barbara Kingsolver novel. Only four steps into my stride and I realized I’d read this one, too. One book left - which refused to begin anywhere except at chapter 7. I walked the rest of the way home listening to the sounds of nature.




  1. I adore Barbara Kingsolver (including her non fiction work). Except for the last, which I thought was heavy handed preaching to the choir.
    And yes, I reread books too. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes because my memory is shot.

  2. I once tried to keep track on a spreadsheet, but it must have4 gone with the wind or sumpin. :)

  3. My Mp3 player and I have that sort of disagreement frequently. I must never even look at the scramble function. I think I can turn it on with my eyes.

  4. Audio books beginning in the middle or anywhere else but the beginning? You've just firmed my resolve to never try them.

  5. Oh I so understand! Once upon a time I kept track of books I’d read in an alphabetized book according to author. I really should have kept that up. My library also has those little sheets of paper taped inside book covers where you can write your initials. Very good idea! -Jenn

  6. I just re-read a book because I had forgotten I read it earlier. I was all the way to page 100 before I realized it, so I just re-read the whole thing. I liked it even better on the second read. :-)

  7. Well, the sounds of nature aren't so bad, are they? I like the "book marks" sticker from the library -- I hadn't heard of that before. My grandfather used to write "read" inside the cover of mystery novels so he wouldn't mistakenly start them again.

    1. And even today I just began a Martha Grimes mystery that I'm worried I may have already read.
      I doubt if you need the "book marks" stickers at your school's library; with kids that age you're just grateful if they've read the book once.


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