Friday, June 11, 2021

Road Hazards

      There was no need to get Mamie out early today

since our heat wave broke and the morning began at 60 degrees, but after last night's craziness I thought she could use some exercise. I remember reading about Coton de Tulears getting silly at night, but this was nuts. The zoomies hit her with a passion after dinner, with racing up and down the stairs, three mad gallops through the living room and twirlies that would have left Margo Fonteyn green with envy. She became so spiral-eyed that I genuinely wondered if her ailing ten-year-old heart would survive. 

    Today's walk though, had its own share of excitement:

Sidewalks blocked by roofers. 


Over-enthusiastic sprinklers.



Lakes to traverse.




But most interesting of all was our find on the other side of the complex's entryway fountain. 



Hopefully, it wasn't left by one of the roofers.      


  1. At least that vodka bottle wasn't flung from a roof. The careful placement suggests it was put there both by someone on the ground - and someone who maintained some fine motor control.

  2. Excellent analysis and deduction.

  3. My cat gets those racing crazies and always at 2am, driving me crazy!

  4. Ooh. I, like that little lake.

  5. I can picture Mamie's zoomie fit. Our Golden used to have them too for no apparent reason except joy of living.


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