Wednesday, June 23, 2021


     The first radish from my shoebox-sized garden. I don’t particularly like radishes myself, but as I was covering the seed a month or so ago I had a vision of the 3 year-old twins agog with amazement as we pulled them from the ground.

     In reality it’s probably setting a dangerous precedent, like the mint I had them smell. They may decide you can pull any old thing from the ground and eat it. Not the best lesson for Grandma to be teaching.



  1. I just learned that potato plants have inedible (poisonous) flowers that come out as a bushy teaser. I'm not sure I'll plant potatoes again.

    1. Uh oh. And I think I read recently that the leaves of a rhubarb plant are poisonous. Though why anyone would want to eat one is beyond me.
      (But filing the idea away - thank you for the potato idea - for a future murder mystery.)

  2. Oh dear. Yet another source of grandmotherly guilt. As children we ate (or at least tasted) a lot of things in the garden. We were warned off rhubarb leaves (and oleander which didn't grow in our garden). I don't remember being warned about potato flowers though. Or being tempted to try them. Greed was the only thing which caused us any problems. I still remember the tummy ache after eating far too many unripe apples.

  3. I wonder how much attention they will pay to what not to eat.

  4. I remember planting radishes with my mum when I was four or five, we put them in between carrot seeds, because the radishes are ready much sooner, so when you pull them, they leave spaces for the carrots to mature in.
    Good idea to remind the grandkids that not everything pulled up is good to eat.


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