Thursday, April 15, 2021

Hold that thought

     When we get back to Condo de Massachusetts, we’re hoping to start a home improvement project. Last year a neighbor glassed in his porch, causing us to step out onto ours, rubbing our chins contemplatively. There would still be windows that open for the breeze, but better than that, close for the rain. Our big plans, though, may be blocked by factors beyond our control.

     My Guy just reported that at our local lumberyard a sheet of plywood priced at $38 last year is now selling for $98. And that all hinges on whether you can find a contractor to nail up that plywood. People have been realizing that since they can’t hop on a plane to DisneyWorld, they might as well spend that money to improve the walls they’ve been climbing for the past year. That, and everyone watching non-stop HGTV has triggered a fix-it boom.

     Here in Venice, the rapid and rabid expansion of mega developments seems to have slowed, likely due to the dearth of materials and craftsmen. The result? The demand for, and as a result, price of, existing homes is climbing.

     Our next-door neighbors here in Florida tried a different route. They found a vacant lot and were all fired up to build their dream home when the builder they contacted said yesiree, he’d be happy to do it, but wouldn’t be able to start any sooner than a year and a half from now.

     That work on our porch may be no more a sure thing than my ongoing financial plan of winning the lottery.



  1. One of the best decisions we ever made was to get crank opening windows all around a porch that was brick to waist height, open with brick pillars after that. We just lived out there

    It was expensive even back then, windows, you know..but as long as you're not in a big rush..

  2. That increase in plywood price is criminal! Yikes to how long it's going to take for these projects is daunting.

  3. It is wonderful to sit out there all summer and only close the windows that let in the rain.

  4. My Home Improvement is a totally different method. I ignore the housework as long as I possibly can, then when I finally get things clean I feel like I have a brand new house!

  5. Here too. And huose prices have gone through the roof . . . which means that plywood is needed. :)

  6. my brother bought a half sheet of ¾" plywood and two 2 x 4s and it was $50.


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