Monday, September 14, 2020

Girl Gang

 We’re beginning to feel the shortening days around here, especially right after dinner.
After the dishes are done, I saddle up Mamie and take her out for her last walk of the day or maybe just to get the mail. Either we’ll be eating much earlier or I’d better get used to walking away from a messy kitchen.

          It used to be I might run into one or two other dog owners out for their walks, too. With daylight that last well to eight o’clock, there was a big window for encounters. Now we all rush out at the same time, and this is what happens:


Lilly, the abandoned and now coddled chihuahua across the street owned by a couple pushing 90.


Elsa, the miniature Schnauzer who wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to snap a picture.  

Peanut and Petunia (not sure which is which), the Shih Tzus next door who stand on their hind legs, waving both front paws together in excitement when they see Mamie.



And all this great dog time is wasted on Mamie, who unfortunately is a true Coton de Tulear and prefers people to dogs, usually hanging back on the fringe.

          Our evening walks often evolve into us humans standing around gabbing while the pups loll in the grass. Which is just fine, too.


  1. Oh my, all of the doggos! They are all so cute! Peanut and Petunia - I know that shih tzu wave well. Not sure why you might think Mamie would hang with the dogs...clearly she is not one of "them". Delightful, this post brought joy !!!

  2. Definitely just fine. Human interaction is particularly precious right now. Playing/working in the garden gives me a lot of mine.

  3. Canines can save our sanity. I really wish I had a dog. It seems that there can be an increase in ticks brought into the home and since my husband already has an allergy to mammal meat due to a tick bite and thus I am pretty cautious. Maybe some day.

  4. Nice dogs and good to see the cute rescued white Chihuahua.

  5. Love seeing these doggy characters. Thanks for introducing us! :-)

  6. Quite a menage. I would probably be like Mamie but opposite and hang nearer the dogs. :)

  7. I second Joanne's observation -- Mamie wants to go home!

  8. Lol from the way she's sitting, I can just see her thinking, "get me outta here...all these dogs...can we go HOME now?"


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