Saturday, August 22, 2020


          Amazing that it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted, but life lately hasn’t exactly lent itself to daily updates about the goings-on around here.

Unless you want a day-by-day account of when my back developed an attitude last week. Let’s just say there’s a reason Mamie stands watching in horror as I take out the vacuum. Perhaps if I cleaned more often it wouldn’t be such a shock to my system and hers.

Or I could tell you about weeding the garden.

Or folding laundry.

Or the rejection letters from agents on my third book.

I will say thank heaven I’m no longer teaching. A huge part of my gratitude is because I’m a retired high school teacher, and I can’t even imagine how educators are preparing on the shifting sands of this year.

Another reason I can’t conceive of working is the way my days just evaporate, with little sign they ever happened. You’d never believe I was someone who was at her desk before 7:00 am every morning after you’ve watched me fritter away an entire morning with nothing more accomplished than the dog having been walked.

Oddly, golf has been sustaining me. This is the essence of irony, since for the past three years I’ve had to rev up a running pep talk in my head every single time I drag my clubs out of the car. I’m not one of those people who is an unqualified success at every thing I try, but I’m not used to being the worst. Again and again and again.

This year, however, I’m a little less bad. And when I arrive at the city course where this league meets, it means :

I’m not in the house.    I get conversation.    I’m in the fresh air.

          If it means my ego take a bit a bruising, then so be it.


  1. It does still amaze me how the days are flying by, with little to differentiate one from another. Good to know your golf game is improving through practice. Happens to me once in awhile. :-)

  2. Improving at glacial speed.

  3. It is my hips rather than my back which gives me grief during and after employing the suck monster but I hear you.
    And on the disappearing time front. My father often said that he didn't understand how he had ever had time to go to work. I sneered at the time, but understand him completely now. And wish that my time disappeared as productively as his.

  4. PS: I am very sorry to read about the rejection letters. Foolish agents. And publishers.

  5. I've noticed that my body seizes up much more easily now and my knees give me more grief when gardening. I blame it on being sedentary by teaching online from March to the end of June. Normally I'd be up and moving much more. I hope you hear good news from a publisher soon! -Jenn

  6. What a relief to read of our similar days. And I'm long retired without a dog to walk.

  7. Vacuuming does my shoulder in as well as my lower back. I'm at the point of crossing off each day on the calendar when the news comes on the TV, otherwise I lose track of what day it is.

  8. It is good not to be in the classroom right now. I just read a report on how the busing will go. Basically it will be the same except students will be expected to mask. They will sit 2 or 3 per seat. However, it is good to know that the bus driver will be somewhat protected with the seat behind them being left vacant.

    1. And of COURSE those kids sitting 3 to a seat will keep their masks on.

  9. yeah, where do the days go with nothing to show for them?

  10. Well, the landscape has changed in terms of what diversions are available on any given day, right? So golf has risen in the rankings! I felt the same way about my days over the summer -- they just vanished, one after the other.


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