Sunday, July 5, 2020

Playing with dominoes

Here we go into one more week of chest-thumping, mask-denying, self-centered stupidity.
England’s toe in the water pub openings this weekend resulted in streets awash with revelers, social distance be damned.

          And who woulda thunk? According to MSNBC, Florida now has 11,000 new Covid cases, breaking another single-day virus record, but I’m sure there’s no connection between that and the fact that there’s still no mask order in place.

          Dee Margo, Mayor of El Paso Texas, dealing with a surge in cases, says that 46% of them are twenty to thirty year-olds. In his words, “They think they’re invincible. They were congregating at the bars; they were in violation of what our orders are.”

          A party with 50 to 100 people in their 20s on June 13 in Clarkstown, NY has resulted in the unprecedented outcome of the county issuing subpoenas to attendees. On the day of the party, the host was already exhibiting Covid symptoms and at least eight cases have been traced back to that day. The eight have refused to cooperate with tracing, and parents of others (who authorities already know were there) won’t admit their kids attended.

          Meanwhile, those of us who have learned the lesson of cause and effect continue to limit interactions with the world, wear our masks, and drink our G & Ts out in the backyard with friends a strategic six feet away.

          Bottom line?

          Natural selection, folks.


  1. I am amassing quite a collection of masks. I think we will be needing them for a long time to come. I hope what looks like a UK disaster will not cause them to end up like the US@

    1. Yes, I've literally made at least 25 or 30, although many of those were mailed off to family. I still seem to stick with a particular favorite one. Much of my mask production was the need for a project, any project.

  2. Interesting that you're seeing the news about our pub openings! Yeah, that photo is pretty horrifying. I can't imagine what people are thinking. And very few people wear masks in this country.

  3. Stupidity , denial? Not sure what, but I am glad that our governor mandated mask wearing and staying at home STILL, shops are not open. Getting good at this and being an introvert is helpful for the first time in my life! Thank you for sending masks off to your family, that is the most thoughtful wonderful thing you could do. I have seven masks, all kinds, but like the one made in China the best! Go figure...

  4. Sigh.
    Echoing Linda Sue. I have never been more grateful for my introversion.

  5. The attendees who won't fess up bother me. I guess it will get much worse before it begins to be better.

  6. I find it hard to believe that so many people are being so stupid! Just last week on the news here, I saw Americans rioting over their "right" to NOT wear a mask, to NOT stay home, to NOT social distance etc. RIOTING! Like a toddler screaming "you can't tell me what to do!"
    I'm glad at least some of you are being sensible and doing the right thing.

  7. For those of us who are Americans I apologize and am so totally embarrassed as our asshat approach to this!


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