Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Pestilence versus Pudge

My favorite class at our YMCA was a full-body workout in the gym.
We marched, line danced, lifted weights, and stretched. I really, really enjoyed it. I haven’t been able to go since last fall and wonder if I’d survive it now. I also went to water aerobics even though sometimes the most aerobic thing about it was the conversation.

          Today an email arrived announcing the Y’s re-opening, albeit a cautious one.

          We were advised it would be on a limited basis, and there would be signage regarding directional flow, social distancing, hand washing and cleaning protocols. Group exercise classes and pool usage will have limited capacity and will require a reservation.

          Now what to do?

          Since I very rarely used the exercise equipment, that’s no problem. I’m not remotely tempted to go handle machines others have sweated on.

          If they severely limit the exercise class and extend it to the full space of the gym with its approximately 30+ foot ceilings, I might consider it.

          I wouldn’t mind a yoga class in a big room with only a handful of people. Maybe they can persuade the other members to only inhale, not exhale.

          Not sure about the pool – maybe all that chlorine would help?

          This is pretty much all speculation. I’m not hotfooting it down there any time soon.  


  1. I've never been to any gym, mostly because they are so far away and waaaay too expensive for my miniscule budget, so I wouldn't be heading for one this soon especially with the virus still so rampant in your country, although perhaps not so in your area. I'd be waiting until the entire country has been cleared for several months.
    Perhaps I'm overly cautious. You could march and line dance at home, just put on the appropriate music and close the curtains so the neighbours can't see you.

  2. Our facilities are opening too - with similar limitations. And opening without me.

  3. Ours is still closed, although there are a few exercise venues available in town, but not the Y. They do offer Zoom classes daily.

  4. I was told several months ago that swimming pools are quite safe because of the chlorine. I don't know whether that's official advice, though, or whether it's changed since. Apparently the real danger with swimming comes from being in close proximity to others in locker rooms and other common spaces, not the pool itself.

  5. like you, not interested in a gym. my yoga class in in a large metal building that three of the side roll up so we are essentially outside. and there's usually just 4 - 8 of us. you can always view a video and line dance at home.


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