Saturday, June 27, 2020

Downs and Ups

          After running the dishwasher overnight, I found a small puddle on the kitchen floor.
This had happened before and so of course future scenarios of sudsy tsunamis immediately popped into my head, bringing me a couple of hours later to the appliance section of Lowes, just to see what was out there.

          A helpful lady strolled over and aimed me toward the dishwasher area, offering to help. My answer that I was just looking for the moment was the truth, but it came a little slowly. I was distracted – very distracted – by the fact that she wasn’t wearing a mask. Yet she was working in a store that had signs as you entered mandating masks. What I wouldn’t have given for a spine at that moment. Should I have confronted her? Been a tattletale at the customer service desk? I slunk off, doing nothing.

          One the plus side, we’re at least about to see the dreaded middle seat in an airplane stay empty in order to lure passengers back into the air.

          Another bonus of today’s world:  School class sizes appear to be shrinking in order to put enough space between everyone – something all teachers everywhere will be celebrating. When was the last time you heard a teacher say, “Darn it, I only have 30 kids in my room. I want more! Who cares about individualized attention?!!”


  1. I am not sure that even an empty middle seat would be enought to lure me into the air at the moment...
    A big hooray for reduced class sizes though. Better for students, better for teachers.

  2. I've heard from happy teachers. And not, I'm not flying, even with my mandatory mask.

  3. Nothing would get me on any plane right now. I'm still wary getting on buses here in my Covid-free state, even with people leaving empty seats so we are all at least a metre apart.

  4. Quite a transition from dishwashers to covid and space for kids.

  5. I'm surprised she wasn't wearing a mask. What the heck?!

  6. class sizes are absolutely too big. 30 kids is too many for one teacher. as for flying. nope.

  7. Nothing could make me get on a plane right now, even with the middle seat open. Just this last week, masks are mandatory everywhere inside. I would have slunk away too, probably saying nothing. :-(

  8. No planes, no shopping, no contact anywhere. I think maybe a smile and a slightly light 'no mask? tch" and walking out might have left a message. If a store isn't going to insist on its own workers being masked, they have no business insisting the customers should.

    I bake anyway, all winter, and freeze what I don't need until the freezer is full. With luck and a cold winter I can usually bake enough bread (one batch a day and sometimes two) to get me through to July.


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