Monday, June 22, 2020

A little off the top

Hair has at times been a preoccupation in our family.
Added to the other fine qualities that both our children’s respective spouses were adding to the gene pool was our joy that finally someone was bringing good hair to the mix.

          My sister, who dodged the rebellious mane that I received, saw a photo of the four of us when the kids were in their teens. It was summer at the lake, a humid summer, and her immediate comment was, “What’s with the hair?” Each of us stood smiling for the camera with what looked to be an enraged Maine Coon cat perched on our heads.

          I can still remember a date in college with the dreamboat Scott M. I had carefully straightened my waves, which at the time reached well below my shoulders. He must have thought it would be romantic to bring me to a castle-like structure high on a hill with an impressive view. Except it was a foggy, damp evening and instead of enjoying myself, the evening was ruined as I became frizz-fixated, certain that my head was expanding to three times normal size.

          Across campus, My Guy had his own issues, with red hair than always needed to be thinned before the barber could make any headway. On more than one occasion, before a big date, he would wet his head and jam on his motorcycle helmet, attempting to straighten his hair.

          Nowadays, what with Covid and no trips to the hairdresser, I’ve been okay, just letting my hair get longer and longer, and stuffing it into an elastic, but things have been veering into Bozo land for him. Slapping on a ball cap really only made things worse, what with everything trying to escape from either side. 
 So, Saturday night found us out in the garage, me with the scissors and him wearing his hat for a guide.



  1. Smiling.
    My hair is thick and curly. And grows fast.
    I have never known my partner (of over 40 years) when he had more than very fine (and sparse) wisps of hair. I suspect he would be very, very jealous of your guy.
    Amd am sure that the abscence of hair on his head is why he grows his beard to luxuriant lengths.

  2. Ohhh, it's really long! I think it looks rather cool. :-)

  3. My hairdresser complains of "your darn waves". I never had them before.

  4. Every winter I'm envious of those who have thick hair, then our sweaty summer comes along and I'm thankful that mine isn't as thick as I wish it would be. I also wish mine would grow faster. One of my daughters gets 6-8 inches cut off twice a year and it grows back in no time at all!
    Hope the home haircut turned out well.

  5. Sue cuts my hair, such as it is.

  6. Good luck! I have always cut hubby's hair and even posted about the less that 5$ device that I use.

  7. I guess it's basically a bowl cut, right? How did it turn out? I've offered to cut Dave's hair but he won't let me near it.

    1. There's a strange poof at the back of his head - I think it's time for him to see a professional.


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