Sunday, May 17, 2020

Good Things

And now for some non-plague moments from my week:

Our picturesque (at least on Main Street) small town is waking up.  

People are figuring out ways to get together.  

Even weeding is enjoyable after two weeks of chilly temps and rain.

My rhubarb's up!!
(Thank you previous owners, for the pie I see in our future)

And completely unrelated to the great outdoors, but in the biggest breakthrough since the wheel:

New sheets - with a tag indicating where you are in those confounding yards of fabric!


  1. I honestly think that I get the sheet started wrong more than 80% of the time. I think this is wonderful! Yes are spring is starting to move on and our days are now warmer.

  2. Smiling at the sheet tag. Mind you I often have MUCH more trouble changing the doona cover than I do putting sheets on the bed.

    1. The trick is to start with the doona cover inside out, match the top corners with the top corners of the doona and somehow keep them there while unrolling to cover down over the doona, then when you get to the bottom, fit those corners in, fasten the cover then shake it with your arms spread so the doona settles into place.

  3. A friend gave us some rhubarb last week, cut up and sweetened with honey. It's all long gone now. :-)

  4. That tag is a thing of brilliance. -Jenn

  5. My rhubarb didn't produce more than a couple of skinny stalks after seven years, so last week I dug up the base and ditched it. I love rhubarb and apple crumble, but I'll have to buy the rhubarb from now on. And the apples.

  6. That tag is SO smart. I always put the tag at the foot, but I'm not sure that's really officially what I'm supposed to do! LOL


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