Saturday, May 30, 2020


A new couple has moved into our complex, the usual story of leaving a huge house with acres of land and adjusting to a two-bedroom condo. Except their story is colored by events of today’s new existence.

          Also moving in is their daughter, her husband, and their dog, along with two cars. This was not part of their plan, but instead born of necessity. They thought they were moving in temporarily because their own house in Boston sold too quickly and they needed a place to stay while they scouted homes here in Western Mass. Unfortunately, thanks to the Covid chaos, the real estate market is at a standstill, prolonging their stay.

          This would all be only mildly interesting, except one day the daughter came out to find a nasty anonymous note on her little green Fiat, complaining that the area now “looked like a parking lot”.

          Yesterday the mother sent out a blanket email to residents of our community explaining her situation in much more diplomatic terms that I probably would have, including the fact that after checking, it was clear they were not violating any rules or bylaws.

          Hot on the heels of the first communication, one after another the answering emails from other residents rolled in, welcoming her to the neighborhood, along with apologies and confirmation by members of our board that the family was totally in the clear.

          I pity the mean-spirited troll should their identity ever be discovered. And for that matter, now, too. 


  1. Sigh.
    I wonder whether the anonymous troll also sent a hypercritical welcoming email. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they did.
    Love the nosy neighbour photo.
    Years back when we lived in a small country town I ran into a neighbour down the street. 'I see your houseguests have gone' he said. I must have looked a bit surprised because he went on to say 'I saw the sheets on the line, and today is not your usual washing day'...

  2. Covid-19 has caught so many people in situations where they expected to be temporary. I'm glad the neighbours welcomed the family and understood, except for "that one" who might have to sweat a bit before eventually being allowed into a lesser heaven.

  3. So glad you live in a community that pulls together! We need much more of that neighborliness now.

  4. what is wrong with people. there's always some busybody who thinks it's their job to police everyone else. and would they like it if the favor was returned? I'm betting not.

  5. I also wonder if the crabby neighbor will ever be outed. I LOVE that picture, it's given me more than one reason to smile this morning. :-)

  6. I'm sorry this is happening to all of us.

  7. So sad they had to send out an email and someone had not reached out to them like Welcome Wagon of the old days:)

    1. Actually, we do have a Welcome Wagon of sorts. New arrivals to our community receive a visit and a couple of coffee mugs with the name of the complex imprinted on them.

  8. Well it sounds like everyone reacted well, after the rude initial note-leaver. Hopefully they learned a lesson in tolerance from everyone else!


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