Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Our teapot and its tempest

Nothing like being stuck indoors to bring out the Mrs. Kravitz in my neighbors.
(And a thank you to Steve at Shadows & Light for reminding me of this wonderful character) We had a bit of an on-line flap the other day here from people with windows and an abundance of down time:

          (A variety of residents weighed in on our complex’s Facebook page)

          “I live in building # -. . . My porch overlooks the pool.. . .we observe .  .people changing chairs, going in and out of the pool using the handrails. . . Just an observation.”

“. . .you should always use sanitary measures wiping

the pool chairs down before you use them and when

you leave as a courtesy. . .I hope pool users are mindful

of social distancing and use all sanitary measures to keep the pool open. .”

“We’ve been thinking about this too! We have front row seats and noticed that on some days social distancing is non-existent!”

. . . .  “chlorine kills the virus. . “

It’s not the water in the pool, it’s the contact from touching the chairs, umbrellas. . . “

          (Then things get a bit livelier)

“Our pool should have been closed 2 weeks ago.

 Everyone should be VERY aware of the importance

of self-isolation.. . Yes it CAN happen to YOU!

And YOU  can pass it on to the rest of US who are

 hibernating. Close the pool now!!

            (You could ask how this person - never uses the pool by the way – who is a self-proclaimed hibernator is going to be affected, but well. . . . Then we had a big discussion of chlorine vs bleach, followed by a voice of reason from a member of the condo board:)

          “The virus is not spread by water so it is safe to go to the pool. The only reason other pools closed is because of social distancing. . .It is up to each individual. . .So if you don’t want to go to the pool DON’T.”  


(This was followed by a newspaper article stating the same information.)



  1. Scary times bring out the best in some, and the worst and most cantakerous in others.
    I do hope your pool can stay open.

  2. Storms in teacups indeed. My thoughts were the same, don't go to the pool. or take your own chair and wipes, then of course you have to wipe things before touching and again after, so is it really worth all the hassle?

  3. I would have guessed those little covid19's could float around and get on other people and...well who knew.

  4. i would not go to a pool unless everyone was always ten feet away. Not worth risking my life. It is carried in the air and unless people are not breathing and are always six feet is like Russian roulette.

  5. That's fine about the water, but if it is a gathering place, you would think it should be closed.

  6. I would not visit it, even though the chlorine might kill the virus in the water, it's everywhere else. Yikes!

  7. Except that if you get sick because you took an unnecessary risk, you are likely to spread the virus to something like 2.5 other people before you even show symptoms. So even if the pool is full of chlorine, people using it should certainly wipe down everything they touch frequently as well as keep their distance. Just saying well don't use the pool if you don't approve doesn't really cut it. There's no such thing as you do you anymore. Everything you do affects everybody else. The "vigilantes" are right. (And thanks for the blog btw!)

  8. When in doubt, don't. And stay away from people who do. Damn all what a mess. It does seem to have brought out the best in some people, and the worst in others. Chins up, it can't last forever...

    Can it?


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