Thursday, April 2, 2020

Covid Capers

          I’ve printed out the pattern for a face mask that the New York Times is kindly providing. One snag, though. My sewing machine is at home along with my fabric stash. As someone who has sewn all her life, this is making me a little nuts. This is another case of do I go out to get something to protect me so I can go out, otherwise known as I’m endangering myself to protect myself. After staring at the closet to find something I was willing to cut up, I managed to unearth a scrap of tiger-print fabric in a bureau drawer. That ought to make quite a statement. And the bonus is I get to return to my DAR roots and sew the thing by hand. 

     We’re without a thermometer since the first thing that springs to mind when packing for Florida isn’t ‘oncoming pandemic’. Ordering one from Amazon is a non-starter since the delivery date for most is middle of May and beyond, and we hope to be gone by then. I did see one or two that could get here as early as next week, however the ratings that said, literally, “don’t buy this piece of crap” halted my hand before I could add the product to my cart.
          Yesterday Governor DeSantis finally ordered a 30 day stay-at-home proclamation, so it looks like we’ll be here through May at least. This was a nice turn- about after he’d crammed reporters on March 20 into tight quarters for a briefing. He also barred Mary Ellen Klas, (Tallahassee bureau chief for the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times) last week from a news conference after she requested social distancing.  Good to have a believer at the helm.


          I’ve received an email from the president of my golf league back home. One of the members' husband just died from Covid-19. She was no one I knew well, but I guess this counts as my first direct connection to all of this, and I hope it will be the last. He died at the Holyoke Soldiers Home, which is now embroiled in a big scandal after deaths there were hushed up and residents diagnosed with the disease were put in the same room without it. Not much of a claim to fame that the director in charge – who’s now been removed – was the president of my daughter’s high school class.



  1. I hope your direct connections with this insidious disease don't get any closer.
    I am over the political game playing - the world over.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  2. I'm sure DeSantis was just looking for ANY reason to bar Mary Ellen Klas from his briefings!

  3. I hope you post a picture of your completed face mask. I guess I could make one and sew it by hand, but I'm not very good at it. I saw a video of a t-shirt that had been cut up and used for a cover, which I suppose is useful. Just something to cover the nose and mouth and tied behind and under the chin.

  4. Marty, I have a decent, very inexpensive Singer that I would be happy to send you if you want it. The only catch is, you have to keep it for your FL home. Let me know:

    1. Oh Joanne! I'm already indebted to you for those beautiful towels.
      Actually I'm not doing so badly with hand sewing my mask. I enjoy a little needlework anyway - takes me back to all that '70s embroidery.

  5. I have a nice bit of purple paisley I was thinking of making a couple of masks from, but have decided to just use my old bandanna wrapped around my nose and mouth and tied in the back, like bank robbers used to wear in cowboy movies.

  6. Want to see that tiger mask. Most that are worn here are just plain medical masks.


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