Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd

Last night we threw caution to the winds and went to a gathering of more than two people. 

Still it was at a ball park, so any coronavirus germs floating about were hopefully carried off by that evening’s stiff breeze.

In spite of all the news reports and headlines, I still find myself surprised when something is cancelled or postponed due to infection fears. Grandson #2 is scheduled to go on a school trip to South America. (Yes, I know. In my day a school trip meant yet again one more bus ride to see Mount Vernon) It was on, it was iffy, than on again. Actually, we should probably all join him. I don’t think I’ve heard a word about South America and the virus. And my remaining grandsons and parents are still planning to get on a plane to see us in a few weeks.

We were invited to dinner the other night, but the hostess first kindly checked to see if we’d be concerned that she’d flown a few days before and now had a cold. We assured her we were fine with that, and so we all controlled any urges for welcome hugs and goodbye kisses.

 The usual Sunday social gathering at our complex's clubhouse was exceptionally sparse. It was a nice change not to have to yell over other conversations, but those of us who did go wondered if people forgot to change their clocks (it had been daylight savings the night before) or were staying home to avoid contagion. We later learned that at least 14 people were instead at a Frankie Valli tribute show.

How is all this affecting you?


  1. There is no toilet paper in town. None. And hasn't been for about a week. Tissues are scarcer than hen's teeth. Hand sanitiser has been taken off the shelves and is kept behind the counter. All this and my city has not one confirmed case yet.

  2. We haven't yet had a confirmed case in our Washington State county. But that doesn't mean that everyone isn't being very careful. I'm washing my hands WAY more often and for a longer period of time, too. But so far, we aren't panicking. Much. :-)

  3. Since I still live alone, not much.

  4. It isn't affecting me much, I live alone and stay home a lot. I'm careful not to touch my face when out and about, especially mouth and nose, then I wash my hands with good old fashioned soap and water when I get home, sometimes even wash my face. I don't understand all the panic-buying of toilet paper here. Is that happening there too?

    1. Not sure about the TP. I haven't been to the grocery store lately. Now I'm wishing I'd bought the economy pack last time.

  5. Sue has had a cold, so we have been going out less already. I guess we shall just try to think more about whatever we do. for example, should we keep our usual coffee date for tomorrow afternoon? I think we will, but we at least do contemplate it.


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