Sunday, March 22, 2020

Messages and Ents

          The Mamester and I took a cabin-fever-canceling drive yesterday to her most favorite park in the world.
It’s at the end of town, just before you end up at the beach, and it’s chockfull of great smells. Or so she tells me. It was awash with other dog owners and their tickets to freedom. Mamie left so many communiques of her own to the canine community, I’m surprised she didn’t keel over from dehydration.

          The small park is really a terrace dividing the avenue, with houses facing it on either side. As we entered the park, we did receive this warning, and it was repeated at intervals as we walked. 

          The residents also had messages of their own, these a bit friendlier. 


    We finished up at my most favorite tree, a huge banyan, one of a couple there. Although it can be tricky to figure out where one ends and the other begins. 
A tiny bit of research told me they’re actually of the fig species, and when the fig seeds dropped by birds onto the crevices germinate and grow, the roots head downward to the ground. These can turn into trunks, hard to distinguish from the original tree.

All I know is, they’re fascinating, and I’m always expecting Gandalf, staff in hand, to appear from behind one.


  1. The ents (and the entwives) are characters I would LOVE to meet.
    I am impressed with your banyan too.
    Pee mail seems to be super effective.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  2. The signs are great, we should have those here too, instead of just newspaper messages. LOVE the Banyans :)

  3. Great that you have a space to get out. The dogs are most social and hard for people to keep apart and avoid sharing of germs when dogs are thrilled to see another of thier species.

    1. No problem here. Mamie is very shy around other dogs and always dodges away from them. Also very cautious around people.

  4. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Gandalf resurrected yet again?

  5. Those trees are wonderful. I hadn't thought of the name "ents" for a long time. Maybe it's time to reread those books. I've certainly got the time. Love those signs.


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