Monday, February 10, 2020


Yesterday we took a drive to see Lakewood Ranch, a maze of homes that sprawls across the next county.
It’s one of those artificial towns like the massive Villages in central Florida. Google just informed me that Lakewood Ranch has 31,000 acres, 150 miles of “pristine hiking trails and sparkling lake.”

          Our goal was town center, where no end of trendy restaurants sit, one after another, after another, on pedestrian-friendly streets lined with BMWs and Lexi, and snooty looking teenagers and their well-coiffed parents sport designer wear. 
There were also plenty of us ordinary folk, enjoying the fantasy that sure, brunching with a mimosa in our hand under shady palms is just part of our routine.

          It was a lovely day, though, and we’d brought Mamie along for the ride.

        The salmon from my Caesar salad met with her approval and a few new friends stopped by. 


    Had to share this from my trip to the WC.

          I liked this picture, but it was kind of disconcerting to be sitting on loo looking at someone looking at me sitting on the loo while they’re sitting on the loo.


  1. Replies
    1. You should see her in person - it's ridiculous. We're hopelessly smitten.

  2. Nice artwork and those Stepford communities are certainly intriguing if a bit off-putting.

  3. Mamie looks very happy in that picture. And I agree with you that the picture of the Lady of the Loo would be rather disconcerting. :-)

  4. It looks like an excellent day.
    Smiling in complete agreement at your last photo and commentary.

  5. Nice pictures. Like the one with the glass table shadow.


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