Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Commune Update

·         A week or so ago, someone in the next building opened her front door to an unkempt, dirty guy asking for money, supposedly to go to school. 
    She said,“You can’t solicit here.” 
    He said, “I’m not soliciting, I’m asking for money.”

·         The people upstairs on the third floor, who are just short of being unfriendly, have taken their place off the market. I wonder if they had no bites because their incredibly, unbelievably ugly furniture is part of the purchase. (Yes, we all shamelessly go on line around here and peek at the pictures our neighbors post on the real estate websites.)

We're lucky enough to have one at our building.
·         Years ago, our builder put in just enough handicapped spots to stay on the right side of the law. A friend whose husband is severely handicapped and whose building has no handicapped spot, finally, with the okay from all her neighbors went out and bought a “reserved” sign and planted it at a spot in front. It seems the bureaucratic nonsense was so lengthy and convoluted she couldn’t have achieved an official handicapped parking designation for months and months.

        We’re marooned. The little bridge that takes us across the lagoon in the middle of the complex was black and rotting, but now, thankfully, is under repair. The walk around the perimeter to get to the other side will be good for us, but Mamie can’t figure out why our walks no longer include that route.

·         Last night’s board meeting was a bit of a love fest. Those in attendance voted unanimously on upcoming projects, offered useful suggestions, and more than once thanked the board for the good work they were doing. However, there was the moment when a woman stood up to ask about glassing in her porch, which, as she was told last year, is expressly forbidden in her contract, mostly because it could cause mold. We all groaned inwardly because we remembered last year’s performance, when she brought an indoor throw rug to the front table to complain to the startled board about the mold it had acquired - wait for it - out on her porch.


  1. Ah yes -- condo life! All good stories. :)

  2. I suspect condo life would do my head in (particularly in there were meetings involved).
    I wonder whether the woman agitating for a glassed in porch remembers the mould and how she would respond if her wish/demand was granted and she had another mould outbreak?

  3. I could not life with all that politics and drama. I hope they learn to get along better as time goes on.

  4. I guess "soliciting" had certain connotations for that young lady. :)

  5. We can take internet peeks into the one and two million and etc joints around here, and I'm sure more than one of us do.

  6. I check the real estate sites every week, just to see what's out there and the furniture, colours, etc
    I would have thought plentiful handicapped spaces would be one of the rules there, at least one per apartment block and maybe even two.
    Perhaps the lady thinks glassing in her porch will stop rain getting in and ruining her rug.

  7. I'm a bit fearful that city living may be in my future. I've lived in conos occasionally, and the politics almost did me in. Your outdoor area is very pretty.


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