Saturday, February 15, 2020

You can't make this stuff up

So there I was in HomeGoods, sifting through the tchotchkes, when I came upon this pretty box.
 I lifted it up, turned it over, took note of the price, and set it back down.

          But something hung in my mind’s eye.

          I picked it up and turned it over again.
          Talk about your mixed messages.


  1. That has to be one of the most mixed messages I have seen recently.

  2. Ah, the usual. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing thing.

  3. That's as bad as the jars of peanut butter that have allergen warnings "may contain peanuts".

  4. I'd like it to be a bit clearer about what parts are lead-loaded: if the paint is safe, then I'd guess that the stuff UNDER the paint is the culprit. I'd also want to know just how much of this you would have to consume before you got into trouble.

    Our house is a mix of paints that date back to pre-1800, from milk paints to lead based stuff from the last century, but as far as I know no one in this family was every a paint licker, or a paint-chip eater. It also would render this place off the charts of the EPA.

    Sometimes I think we get too careful in our assessment of dangers and hazards. "warning. This step could cause injuries. Use with caution."


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