Monday, January 27, 2020

Florida Weekend

     We futzed around Saturday very unproductively, but finally got ourselves out for a bike ride. 


 As luck would have it, by then there was a stiff breeze and the temp had dropped to the fifties, but the pictures make it look pretty idyllic.

      On Sunday we'd learned our lesson and sallied forth to a craft fair housed in tent after tent down the middle of Venice.
      Not needing $20 hand painted placemats or $50 hand painted tee shirts, my big scores came from shops I could have gone to any other day of the week: dog treats for the Mamster and an $8 shirt from a church consignment shop. 
      I take that back - the very best purchase was the packet of sugared and roasted pecans which, after sharing a few with My Guy, I binged on for the rest of the day.
     And even better, they came from a stand where I spotted this quintessentially Florida sight.

     I learned her name is Tinkerbell.
     Well, of course it is. 


  1. Oh, what a cutie Tinkerbell is! :-)

  2. I am smiling at Tinkerbelle - and at your comment on her name.

  3. Ah, yes. The dogs with painted toenails, wearing silly hats and being pushed in baby carriages. I know they love their pets, but with the poverty in Florida I find this just a little creepy.

  4. Tinkerbell must like pink! It looks warm there!

  5. I love those nuts at fairs. If I didn't buy them I was OK, but when my helpers binged, so did I.

  6. Tinkerbell looks gorgeous! I love browsing around at fairs, but rarely buy anything.

  7. Of COURSE her name is Tinkerbell. (As you said.) Still, she's pretty fabulous. :)

  8. I have a small dog, about 12 ½ pounds. she would not tolerate that silliness. at least they didn't put her in a pink tutu, something I have seen.


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