Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Chill Wind

          So, before I fell asleep last night, the weather channel for our area in Florida had an overnight wind chill warning – for 25 degrees.
Meanwhile this morning my neighbor in Massachusetts texted me today that she woke up to 2 degrees.  25 in Mass is pretty much just another brisk winter day.

          It’s all perspective, I guess. I cancelled golf yesterday at the last minute because after a stroll outside with Mamie in our 55 degree gale-force winds I realized that a few hours on the course would likely leave me courting pneumonia. I’ve been battling a whale of a cold since Saturday – one reason for my blog neglect.

          As I went to the library in a fleece and sandals, I thought, “Only in Florida.” At home no one sees my feet until the temperature reaches 70.

          It should warm up a little in the next few days and my frozen plants currently seeking sanctuary from the porch will be glad of it.


  1. I saw on the news today that it's so cold that you need to watch out for falling iguanas! :-)

  2. Colds are miserable beasts and I hope yours does an Elvis and leaves the building. Soon.
    We have another hot and windy day and the fire danger rating is severe. I would swap weather with your side of the globe in a heart beat.

    1. Oh my goodness. I can't even imagine what you are all going through there. It's absolutely horrific.

  3. That is one sorry plant. Keep it away from the iguanas.

  4. Hope you get rid of the cold soon! I hear Iguanas are falling out of the trees down there.

  5. You wore sandals in 25 degree weather?!


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