Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Mine vs Ours

As I stuffed another package from UPS under the bed, it occurred to me how much easier it is now to shop for gifts.
And I’m not just talking about the frenzied hunting and gathering through the mall versus today’s on-line shopping. Years ago, before I had my own credit card or banking account, it was really hard to surprise my husband with a gift.

          Assuming we even had a credit card, which we didn’t when we were first married in 1970; we only had the one. If I bought anything for him, he’d immediately know. If I took money out of the one checking account, he’d also know. I did have some cash of my own from working as a pediatrics secretary when the kids were little, but you don’t have a lot of green to work with if you’re only employed two evenings a week and much of your paycheck goes to exotic things like school lunches.

          Now, of course, I enjoy a couple of credit cards in my own name, plus my own account at my teachers’ credit union. In a conversation yesterday over tea a friend and I discussed the whole “our money, my money” mindset, one we both happily embrace. As a female, it makes perfect sense, but to be honest, if I were a guy it would probably make me nuts. How does everyone else out there feel?


  1. I have my checking account and credit cards, and he has his. We were married at fifty, though, and it only made sense not to combine our accounts. I sure like it this way! :-)

  2. We are old fashioned and have multiple joint accounts, but I pay all the bills and hubby only notices once in a while. My daughter follows the modern method where some of her money goes into the household account along with her husband and then some money goes into long term savings and then some goes into a personal account for just her.

  3. I hated having no money, and little chance of getting any from a chronically unemployed husband.

  4. we have our money. for one reason we were/are self-employed and work together. fortunately we share the same mindset on spending money which is spend as little as possible (because we hardly ever had any) and pay cash for all purchases, even big dollar ones, as much as possible and don't go into debt. one of his chores is the bill paying.


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