Sunday, January 20, 2019


Hair is a major issue in our family.
Our previous hair color is mostly just a memory now, but My Guy came to our marriage with a thick head of once-red, then turning brown, wavy hair. I joined in with quite a bit of brownish-red hair, also wavy.  Needless to say, neither of our kids have thanked us much for those particular genes. On a humid day, we’re all quite a sight to see.

          Fortunately for our daughter, her high school years occurred during the Pretty in Pink era, and her super-curly super-thick blond hair fit right in. Our son coped by keeping his very wavy brown hair short, and probably welcomed that buzz cut during his brief tour in the Navy.

          Post-college, and now in remarkably good-looking (if I do say so) adulthood, they’ve got better things to concern themselves with: our daughter with three boys of her own (some curly, some not), and our son with a set of 9 month-old twin baby girls (too early to tell, although one shows promise of being a redhead).

          Hoping to win out over the Florida humidity, I had my hair cut and styled a bit differently this week. I’ve had this stylist before, and she seems to know her stuff, but she could work on her listening skills.

          I asked for a bit more layering, to combat Triangle Head, the coiffure I’m most often afflicted with, and also explained more than once that I really didn’t like a lot of hair products.  We agreed that instead of drying it straight, we’d ‘scrunch’ it, letting it curl naturally, to see how the layering went.

          Result? First she used a curling agent, tipped my head upside down, blew it and scrunched it, added hair spray, they tipped me back, scrunched some more, added more hair spray, and as the piece de resistance, used a hair wax on my bangs.

          Triangle Head was no more. I now had Circle Head, looking and feeling for all the world like someone had lowered a medium-sized animal onto my head. My hair no longer felt like hair, fused as it was into one unit, and you had to look closely to find features like my eyebrows.

          I thanked her, paid, and came home and put my head under the kitchen faucet.


  1. "Gimme head with hair
    Long beautiful hair
    Shining, gleaming,
    Streaming, flaxen, waxen

    Give me down to there hair
    Shoulder length or longer
    Here baby, there mama
    Everywhere daddy daddy"

  2. Oh, I laughed at your post. Hair. Oh how I wish that I could just blow dry it and it would be straight. So much smoothing, anti-frizz products, straighteners, etc. go into looking halfway decent! I understand your pain. -Jenn

  3. As a firm believer in wash and wear hair I would also have washed the product out as soon as I got home. I hope the cut at least was good.

  4. Hair is always a big deal with most women and many men.. We expect more from our hair dresser...maybe unfairly. At least you know it will all grow out and you have already washed all the rest out

  5. And my hair cutter has grown complacent. I too have come home with old lady hair the last couple of times. One more chance and then I go shopping again.

  6. Love your final sentence :D I've done exactly the same thing in the past. Now I've given up and my hair is getting long again. Pony tails until I die.

  7. I absolutely refuse to let my hairdresser put anything on my short hair. She does a good job, but sometimes doesn't pay enough attention and I'll come home and realize that one side is shorter than the other. Sigh. Loved your description of your hair adventure. :-)

  8. Congrats for an amusing report on a not-so-amusing episode for you.

  9. yep, curly hair. and I did iron my long locks as a teen which was ridiculous since I live on the Gulf Coast and my nice straight hair lasted about 5 minutes after I walked outside. I also hate hair products. I'm a wash and air dry gal. never can tell how my hair cuts look (she blow drys it) until I get home and wash it. these years I get one haircut a year (maybe two depending on timing). I get it cut short in the spring or early summer and let it grow the rest of the year.

    1. What sadist decided that curly hair was unfashionable? Dumb question - obviously someone who had stick straight hair.
      The 60s were particularly tough - at least I was on the East Coast and didn't have to try to be a beach girl with long straight locks.

  10. I prefer to deal with my own hair, since it's fine, tangles desperately (no one combs my hair but me) and these days will not take a curl, it just lays there. Or lies there. I would kill for curly hair, the kind you can 'shape'...

  11. I needed this laugh! You described the routine perfectly! I get something done to my hair about once a year, and always feel like I can't wait to get home and make myself look like me again.


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