Wednesday, January 16, 2019

From the 'What was I thinking?' department

          I’ve been casting about for things to become involved in, here at our winter digs.
The local booster organization where last year I’d been volunteering in the office, and for whom I’d written newspaper articles, just received funding for a full-time helper, so that appears to be over. I’ve found shelving books at the public library – a very competitive position in this land of retirees – to be incredibly boring and a bit more solitary than I was looking for.

          So on Monday, figuring I’d get to know some of my neighbors, I attended a social committee brainstorming session for our complex. So far we’ve scheduled a few game nights, a Sunday soup social, a possible wine tasting, and even established the date for the ‘end of the year’ (aka end of the season) party. When the idea of a Facebook page for our complex came up, after the immediate enthusiasm, there was a ringing silence around the table. And then like an idiot, I raised my hand.

          I had never formed a group on Facebook, but it was ridiculously easy and I set it up that night. We had a board meeting coming up the next day and I prepared handouts instructing people how to request membership. Feedback was positive and people are signing up left and right.

          One small detail I hadn’t thought about –

          I’m now the moderator into perpetuity, checking into Facebook several times a day to answer membership requests.

 Unless I can somehow hand the baton on to someone else.


  1. You can appoint another admin I think. I do a swap and shop for our area, and have three others that can handle requests and boot people who post stuff not allowed. Sounds like a good group to have to keep everyone informed!

  2. Good luck. I don't play FB so it sounds like a big ask to me, but others would know better.
    I do love Calvin and Hobbes. Nice that his mama wins from time to time.

  3. You are like my husband. Always has great ideas and is always left with the work of implementing them. I like people like you!

  4. It sounds like a good Face book page to have. I look after a facebook page. we have over 300 members.

  5. Casting about for things to become involved in is something I never do. I get involved by accident sometimes, but usually manage to get out again. I'm not social enough to want continual diversions.
    I love Calvin and Hobbes and I'm wincing a bit a the trouble he might cause with the vacuum.

  6. Ah ... to find a helpful but suitable niche.


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