Saturday, December 22, 2018

Nothing Anal Here

      When you combine one person (me) with no knowledge of the workings of our household’s machinery, but who also is all about getting organized and another person (My Guy) with that knowledge, who also knows PowerPoint, you have an unstoppable combination.

          We’ve only lived here a year, and I could use that an excuse, but after 21 years in our last house I was still fuzzy about where to turn off the outside faucets for the winter. Division of labor does have its negative points.

I always have this underlying fear that some day with a clutch of guests on their way the stove will shut down into some sort of mysterious timing mode or I will have forgotten to twirl some critical dial on the furnace.

             Here was a golden opportunity to gather up the various manuals for one notebook and encase photos with notations in protective sleeves and file them in another notebook for ready reference. A Virgo’s hot fantasy.

Ta Da!


  1. Oh my god, how I loved this post! I've made husband go around with masking tape and a sharpie and label various things in the basement (not that I am yet fully competent). Something was beeping in the basement early one morning (before husband was fully awake) and I wandered around trying to figure it out. I gave up and let it beep until he got up. (Carbon monoxide monitor had been unplugged, then plugged back in without resetting). However, he has no clue how to manage all the settings on the oven, so we're even (?). -Jenn

    1. Yesterday, someone at the kitchen sink (not me) who remain nameless said,
      "So - hmm - which way do I turn this to get hot water?"

  2. Perfect!! A user manual for everything with photos! I love it...yes I am a Virgo:)

  3. BRILLIANT idea.
    We share our labour (and also our ignorance). A manual like this could benefit us both.

  4. I leave hubby to all the manuals and how to set/reset things that break in the night. :-)

  5. Great idea. We have a bit of a division of labor, but I think this notebook will be good for both of us.

  6. What an excellent idea! If either of you is ever o your own for any time, these manuals with pictorial instructions will be very handy should the need arise to adjust something.


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