Thursday, December 20, 2018

Before and After

    Remember Christmas shopping? No, not that fancy-pants sitting down, mouse in hand and awakening the beast of Amazon.
I mean real shopping, hard core shopping – sweating your way through a mall in your too-hot coat, carrying unwieldy packages that make entering most doorways a logistical nightmare. Shuffling behind all those other shoppers, who, like you, came from work and have exactly an hour and a half of hoping inspiration hits as you schlep from store to store. 

          That was shopping. I’m also part of the keister-in-a-chair shopping brigade, but sometimes I actually have to get up and support the brick and mortar crew.

          I almost made a run to Costco yesterday to pick up a few key things for Christmas dinner, but then sanity prevailed. My Guy and I had been there a week ago at what should have been a safe time, Monday morning, and it was a mad house. Two weeks before Christmas in the middle of the day in the middle of the week, and the lines were long and the elbows were out. And don’t get me started on how hard it was to get my hands on any of the free tasting samples.

Going this week, five days before the holiday, would take the same mental stability that had Japanese pilots strapping themselves in for that last mission.

          I’ve been retired for a number of years, and my tolerance for crowds has diminished with each year. My sexagenarian world is now paved with empty roads and quiet stores.

          I was at the grocery store last Tuesday afternoon – not my usual day -and it was absolutely nuts. People meandered in the aisles, leaving their carts every which way, and the lines were three deep at every checkout station.

          Finally able to load the belt with my groceries, I asked the clerk why it was so busy that day.

She looked at me quizzically, paused, and said, “It’s senior citizen discount day.”


  1. Phenomena that keep me out of stores: Every retired person has a handicap placard and has all day to shop and fills the WallMart lot every day. Ditto Costco, Publix, and every national chain in big cities.We have reduced our groceries to our small town, whole food store. It's so easy.

  2. All kinds of shopping will be crazy for another few days. Heck, until January, I guess. Quite a bit of gift shopping was done online for us.

  3. I haven't 'shopped' for the season since my kids grew up. through mutual assent we relieved ourselves of the obligation. the grandkids always got art supplies until they got old enough to just want money.

  4. I had to go into town this week and it was insanity. Hot, sweaty and grumpy insanity.
    Hopefully I can avoid the stores until the New Year.
    And the Merriest of Christmases to you and yours.

    1. Here's wishing the same to you (with further wishes that you never see the inside of a store till January)!

  5. I'm sure many will agree with you that they don't like this type of shopping but get trapped into it anyway!

  6. So now you know and can claim your discount. I'm highly incensed that our supermarkets don't have a senior discount day, nor do any other stores. hotels etc will have a senior discount lunch offer once a week and the oldies around here go out for fish and chips or whatever is the menu special on those days. I haven't done that yet, but I'm giving it some thought. Saves cooking for myself.

  7. You have painted beautiful pictures of this time of year. I had forgotten what real shopping was all about. Thank you for reminding me not to feel guilty sitting at home. Yes, we have senior citizens discount day, and sometimes I make it!

  8. I love the fact that I don't have ANY Christmas shopping to do, online or otherwise. Hubby and I decided that years ago. But groceries are still needed, and the stores are absolutely crazy there, too! :-)

  9. I didn't know grocery stores had a discount. Hope you got yours! I am avoiding the stores too... Merry Christmas!

  10. My husband goes out every day to pick up his supplies and stuff, and lately he's been fussing about how crowded the stores are. I don't think he really gets the idea of Christmas shopping.
    Like a lot of people, we gave up the giving and getting of gifts maybe 20 years ago, and I've not missed it at all. I'm also in hopes that we will not be invited to Christmas dinner this year, unless it's very local. So far, not a word from anyone....

    Im with you, I had no idea grocery stores (some, apparently, not all) had senior discounts...


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