Monday, November 26, 2018

Alarming Situation

When Mamie and I went for a ride yesterday, I had to first back the car out of the garage, close the garage door, and then walk her to it from the front door. Why? you ask.

Mamie on the alert

    Mamie is deathly afraid of smoke alarms. Shaking for two days, huddled next to us kind of afraid.

          When we returned from our Thanksgiving travels, we discovered there was a mysterious beeping in the garage. My Guy dragged out the Big ladder and climbed up to look at the detector in the garage ceiling. It’s hardwired in and the battery backup for our detectors is in a main panel in the basement.

So the mystery continued, since according to nature’s plan, everything that’s going to be a problem will happen on the weekend.

Today I called the security folks, who obligingly sent a man out 20 minutes after my call (creating a mad scramble on my part since I was still in my morning combo of jammies and a sweatshirt).

He stood and listened. He climbed the ladder and poked his head in the opening to the attic space over the garage. He came in and explored our upstairs.

Out to the garage again. A few minutes went by and he returned, with a CO2 detector in his hand. Interesting, since we didn’t have one mounted in the garage.

Turns out someone stored the detector in his workbench drawer with the batteries still in it.


  1. Oops! Well, at least you solved the mystery!

  2. Sounds like she had a bad experience with a smoke alarm and I don't blame her. They are dreadful, painful especially for animals with their high frequency ears...

  3. I would be embarrassed if it had been me who did the deed. Glad Mamie is okay now. :-)

  4. Mystery solved...a bit of liver might entice her to like most anything:)

  5. That was a good technician the security folks sent out.

  6. Ha Ha, that got a giggle out of me :)

  7. the smoke detector here always malfunctions in the wee hours of the morning. it's currently sitting on my table sans battery.

    1. I'm reaching the point where I'd almost rather depend on my own sense of smell to save me.


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