Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Cuppa

          We went out for breakfast this morning in the next town over.
We tried a place we hadn’t been to before and in spite of the fact that at 9:30 it was just us and the waitress – kind of an ominous sign – we were very pleased with our meal. Eventually, more people drifted in so maybe we hit it during a lull.

          My omelet was great, and they actually gave me fruit instead of the hash browns I know I would have eaten, hating myself the whole time. However, the restaurant was an especial success for me in one regard - the tea. I’ve turned into one of the weird ladies of a certain age who carries her own tea bags with her.

          I pretty much completely stopped drinking coffee 48 years ago when I stopped smoking. One wasn’t nearly as enjoyable without the other, and coffee was never really my thing anyway. So, just as there are cat people and dog people, there are coffee people and tea people.

          Coffee people think that herbal tea is tea. No. English breakfast? Yes. Lapsang Souchong? Yes. Green Tea? Maaaybe.  But raspberry or herbal – Nope. I might as well cut some leaves from the backyard.

          And so then we move on to brands. The go-to black tea for restaurants seems to be Lipton, a harsh teabag you have to dip quickly and set aside, where it eats a hole in your saucer. Red Rose, my morning choice, has a robust flavor and yet I can – and do – leave it steeping for 10-15 minutes while I shuffle around in my slippers. 

          This morning I found Nirvana. No need for me to go to the purse tea stash.


  1. With a name like Red Rose I would expect that to be a herbal tea. I don't like black tea unless I load it with about 50% sugar, so if I'm in the mood for tea I go herbal, with honey as sweetener, but mostly I drink instant coffee (also heavy on the sugar) or plain water.

  2. I drink a cup of Lipton's in the morning, cut with soymilk. Then I go out and enjoy a double latte espresso. I love caffeine and couldn't imagine a morning without it. :-)

  3. My Sue loves her a cuppa, but she likes coffee too. I don't love tea, but it's tolerable -- to drink that is. But it seems to act like a super diuretic with me.

  4. I'm a coffee drinker, black, organic freshly roasted from various countries depending on what the special of the month is from the importer/roaster that I buy from. my sister however is a tea drinker.

  5. I have transitioned to a morning coffee person and an evening (or afternoon) tea person. What does that make me?

  6. My folks were tea drinkers, but coffee in the morning. And I remember she would have Lipton, Red Rose, and Tetley. I could never warm up to tea, it always tasted too thin, and it seems, anyway, to be more of a social drink than a private one. shrugs No idea why.


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