Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Making Landfall


Last week I knew we were officially in Florida when I saw this sign in Baldwin while waiting for a train to go by.  
Spelling phonetically isn’t always the best idea.

          The already-challenging two-day drive down here was extended a couple of hours on the first day when during my shift at the wheel,  someone told me that I’d be crossing a bridge, followed by a turn onto 87, who then promptly fell asleep without adding just how soon after the bridge route 87 would be showing up. Half an hour later, I was congratulating myself on the headway I’d made when he woke up and pointed out that we were in Pennsylvania. Hmmm.

          But necessity being the mother of invention, we discovered a new route, and for the first time braved the loops around Baltimore and D.C. with barely a slowdown.

          We were pleased that the route through the Carolinas was clear for travel after hurricane Florence’s devastation, but it seems we’re not completely out of the woods. Michael is on his way, but with luck will stick to his path toward the Florida panhandle, skating right past those of us on the west coast.  


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