Friday, September 21, 2018

Turning It Up

From Foxtrot by Bill Amend

Anyone over the age of 60 is technology-phobic. It’s common knowledge.

          Or you would think so, the way that stereotype pops up around us.

          And yet –

          We’ve just added another gizmo to our stable of gizmos. With the help of a friend with electrical skills greater than our own, we’ve installed a Nest thermostat.

          By using the app on our phones we can now adjust the heat or cooling in our house from wherever we happen to be – upstairs, the grocery store, or Florida. I’m already imagining the joys of returning from a long weekend and bringing the heat up so we walk into a toasty house.

          Of course, My Guy loves it. I’ve already caught him calling up the app on his phone to adjust the air conditioning while standing three feet from the wall control. And the fact that he could tell Siri to adjust it is even better.

          Up until now in our marriage, I have been the Queen of the Thermostat; his interest in it has always been nil. Now that it has this fun technology aspect we’ll see how long that lasts.

          And then there’s always the potential for long-distance thermostat pranks on each other.


  1. I'm not technology phobic, I just don't see the point of a lot of these gizmos. coming back to a warm house, yeah, I get that, but being able to adjust from the grocery store? why?

  2. I am happy to walk over to the wall and make the adjustments. Technology can be marvellous. Until it fails. When it becomes expensive and frustrating.

  3. I always stayed far away from the thermostat and added a sweater. Better than a tantrum from she who asserted control!

  4. In my experience, the lady of the house is always the master of the thermostat. Always.

  5. Most men love a new toy or gadget. But I don't like a lot of the remote "access from anywhere" gadgets that are around now. I think life is being made too easy and when or if it all fails, no one will be able to cope with having to do things the old way.

  6. I haven't followed the fun of talking to my house. It's a little scary to me, so I guess you might call me tech-phobic. I love my new fitness tracker on my wrist, however. It talks to my phone. :-)

  7. You don't have to be over 60 to be a technophobe. I can't even bring myself to deal with Siri!

  8. Siri and I will never meet. Trust me. My husband bought me a smart phone ipod thing whatever last fall for my birthday. He has shown me all the things I can do with it, he has put all his photos on it, and his GPS stuff, all his info. And then he says, "I thought you wanted a phone..."

    Not any more.

    I talk to my house, btw, all the time. Sometimes very loudly. 'WHY THE HELL DID YOU LET ALL THOSE FLIES IN?" and "oh, it's nice to be home, did you miss us?" and "oh, look at the mess in here! Can't you at least DUST?"

    Our thermostat is actually thermometer that tells us that I need to put wood in the stove. If we had a thermostat it would die of starvation. =)

  9. I hope it works well for you, we had a friend that had problems and the furnace would not turn on...she was really cold:)


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