Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Brain Strain

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Exercise class was exhausting this morning.

          Oh sure, the quads got a workout as we kicked our way to each end of the pool and my left shoulder’s a bit sore from dragging my foam weight through the water.

          It was the mental workout that almost did me in.

          Debbie mentioned the reaction she had to her second shingles shot.

          Call my doctor and see if I need a booster.

          Diane spoke about finding some long-lost family papers.

          Gotta get our own papers back to the safety deposit box.

          Vicky, our instructor, pointed out the efficacy of exercise - that it’s like an oil change for the body.

          Had My Guy remembered to schedule that long-overdue oil change for his car?

          Shingles, safety deposit, oil change, I repeated as we did our leg lifts.

          Shingles, safety deposit, oil change, as I dressed in the locker room.

          Shingles, oil change, - - - - -  I was down to 2 out of 3 as I pulled into the garage at home.

          Fortunately, by not thinking about it, the missing item eventually floated back into my head.


  1. How I love Calvin and Hobbes.
    And yes, carefull not thinking about something often causes it to pop back into my head. Not often enough though.

  2. Can't memorize stuff any more. Have to write it on my hand, with a waterproof pen clipped to my bosom.

  3. It’s amazing how the mind works ... or doesn’t in many cases.

  4. Oh, I know that exercise induced memory case very well. I'm thinking about getting that new shingles vaccine soon. I sure don't want shingles! :-)

  5. I have missing thoughts float back into my head usually far too late.

  6. I'm not too swift when it comes to long term memory . I would easily forget one or two of these.

  7. I didnt know you had to have booster shots for shingles...? I've mine and really REALLY don't want another. Still trying to get my husband to get his first one...

    I found a long time ago, if i make a grocery list, pen to paper, i've written it down in my head. I rarely look at it (and sometimes even forget to bring it with me) but most times I've picked up everything on the list, just by hitting all my regular aisles and thinking, aha need coffee. Oh, and the fruit...
    This annoys my husband no end, since if you tell him "apples" he can remember it, and if you tell him "chips" he's still okay, but add a third thing and he has to write it down.

    It also explains why, in the lower grades in school I never had a class picture. The teacher would call out 'don't forget to bring your money tomorrow for your photo..." and in the rush to leave so did the reminder. Whoops, next day, no money, no picture.

    I think we all remember differently, and little of it has to do with aging, but just the way we remember.


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