Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Romance of the Everyday

Today is Valentine’s Day and My Guy and I are spending it together.
On the way to our day we dropped Mamie off down the street at Barkstars for doggie daycare. (We could have as easily left her at home since we knew we’d only be away for a few hours, but we wanted her to get out and do a little socializing.)

The plan for this most romantic day of the year was to find a nearby Mecca of store outlets. And that’s just what we did. He found a particular brand of underwear he’d been seeking, and I bought some new golf clothes that I just know will boost my game to Augustan standards.

Lunch was in the food court – spanakopita for me, Hawaiian stir-fry for him. We chuckled over things only the two of us would understand, took a couple of wrong turns getting out of the maze of shops, and found the car.

We rode home in silence broken by sporadic conversation and I thought, “This is the kind of romance for me.” The comfortable everyday.

In the not-too-distant future we’ll probably enjoy a pricey and dimly lit dinner over a white tablecloth, and I imagine in the next night or so we’ll sit side by side again to watch the sun set over the ocean. By today was just fine.

Tonight we’ll have a fairly ordinary dinner, open the cards we’ve bought for each other, maybe take Mamie out for a stroll, and then settle down for some TV.

It’s worked for 48 years so far.


  1. I like that comfortable sort of togetherness too. Leave the fireworks and rollercoaster feelings to the younger set.

  2. If it works for you, keep on doing it. Sounds like a good day to me.

  3. What a wonderful comfortable relationship you share. I love to read about happy marriages and how we can focus on the love without making it a huge production, just a lovely day together. :-)

  4. that's about the way we do it. low key and comfortable.


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