Friday, October 27, 2017

That's Entertainment

     After three days of non-stop painting I was grateful to get a day off yesterday.
I now have an interesting mix of carpal tunnel and raging arthritis in my right hand from gripping the paint brush, and raising my arm higher than my waist triggers all kinds of unhappiness in my forearm and elbow. On the plus side, this may slow down my calorie consumption.

          The floor guys are at the house for the next five days, sanding and polyurethaning. The break is welcome, although once the floors are dry we’ll then have to go back and paint baseboards. But I’ll grab my silver linings where I can.

          What to do with a day off? First off, lunch and shopping with a girlfriend, of course.

          We began with some pretty girly choices – a frou-frou curtain shop that was going out of business, followed by a visit to Crabtree and Evelyn for some overpriced lotion. After lunch, though, came the original goal. It probably says something about our shared priorities that the main purpose of the trip was a visit to the enormous liquor store. We had a great time wandering the aisles, reading wacky wine labels, and stocking up on bargains.

          Later that evening, My Guy and I decided on a movie at the local mall.

It had once been a big deal - the first mall in the area when it went up in 1969, but like so many others, it’s turning into a ghost town. The anchor stores were companies that have since gone out of business, and the remaining shops are mostly dollar stores and baseball cap shops.

          We went to the 6:30 show of Blade Runner, but the attendance in the theater had a lot in common with the mall itself.


  1. Oh, my! That is one lonely movie theater. Hope your hand issues resolve themselves perfectly. It could happen. :-)

  2. so you didn't mention how you like Blade Runner the redo. we always go to the movies during the week during work hours. almost always have a nearly empty theater.

    1. I did like it, although there were many long, soul searching looks between characters, and My Guy would have preferred more action. Very long, and also LOUD, too, although that may have been the theater's doing.
      I didn't think it nearly as intriguing as the 1st Blade Runner, but maybe we're jaded with special effects now.

  3. Last time I went to the theatre my ears were ringing by the time I got out. I think they do crank the sound up way too high.
    Love that you got a teensy silver lining (and booze) and hope your poor hands and arms settle.

  4. I love wacky wine labels, or wacky labels on anything really. If it makes me laugh, that's a good label.
    I've been to a multi-plex cinema with six or seven theatres and been the only patron in the one showing the movie I wanted to see.

    1. And sitting there in that empty theater can be a little disconcerting.

  5. There is nothing sadder than a dying mall! Especially when I think how vibrant malls (for all their flaws) used to be. Whenever I watch "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" I get nostalgic for the mall of the '80s!


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