Friday, August 11, 2017

Quiet day at the condo

Our relentless pace has slowed down a bit.

          We’ve both gone back to triage the old homestead before Sunday’s open house, he to cut the lawn and weed whack, and me to weed and plant annuals in some bare spots after the perennials had done their thing.

          Today has been a random sort of day.

 Hubster went back to the house in the morning to blow the driveway and other areas clear, and now his neck and shoulders are protesting loudly. He’s currently on the couch and likely to stay there for the foreseeable future.

          So far today, I’ve:

 Sorted bath towels – no, we don’t need a stack of 14 towels for just the two of us.

Reorganized my closet yet again - an ongoing battle between me, my possessions, and limited space.

Walked Mamie, who hasn’t relinquished anything solid since yesterday, so it looks like I’ll be doing that again this afternoon.

Pushed the remaining piles of detritus to the other side (yesterday I made, no lie, at least 25 trips of mysterious boxes from the garage down to the basement) and can now PUT MY CAR IN THE GARAGE!!

Made a trip to the town recycling center’s metal area to drop off a bed frame and a big unwieldy bed guard designed to prevent kids from falling out of bed. Since the youngest grandboy is turning eight, I think we’re good to go. My son and lovely daughter-in-law may have news in the next few years but I figure the guest room has a nice soft rug. 

The high point of our day will likely be the 4 o’clock visit from a person I reached through LetGo, the easiest way I’ve ever found to get rid of free stuff. All you do is photograph the item through their ap with your phone and post it. That’s it. No uploading, no email addresses. The interested parties contact you by texting on the site. 
          And the item? A six foot artificial tree left by the previous owners.

          Thanks so very much.          




  1. I think about my girlfriend who downsized 4800 feet to move to 3000 feet in South Carolina. She's still downsizing. I was ruthless when we moved here. Possibly too. But, it's been fun thumbing through Craig's list for stuff I still think I cannot live without.

    1. I was a veritable tornado. Don't tell my husband, but now I'm looking at empty end tables (don't need as many lamps, what with the lights inset in the ceilings) and wishing for a few tchotchkes.

  2. In every house I have ever moved to, the previous residents have left behind a collection of mismatched crockery. An artificial tree is a new one.
    I hope it leaves the building very soon.

  3. previous owners here left a shed at the back of the property full of old rotting wood and crap. took me a week to empty it, sort salvageable stuff, put everything else on the burn pile or in trash bags, and reorganize the shed. oh and two very heavy desks and all their old cleaning stuff. thanks.

  4. Perhaps the six foot artificial tree was a house warming gift? Most people bring a tint, tiny cactus or similar.
    The only things I ever find from previous residents is dirty oven trays, the one in this home still had food on it. Yuk!

  5. I never heard of LetGo. I wonder if it's everywhere. I too would be glad to see that tree go. :-)

  6. LetGo! That's good to know. Never heard of it, but it sounds easier than Freecycle.

    Glad you're getting things in order!


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