Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Land management

Our move is complete.

          That is, as long as you don’t count the boxes filled with tools of his father and his father before him that My Guy is still hauling over from the house. And the many pictures we’ve left on the walls to brighten the now-empty rooms for buyers. Oh, and the shed and garage treasures still to be disposed of – anyone interested in a cross-buck for sawing wood, or perhaps a vinyl panel left over from building our outside shower?

          Our neighbor took the wheelbarrow and my hairdresser came over on Sunday for a big roll of tar paper for the roof of the mudroom he’s adding to his house. How serendipitous that I got my hair cut last week.  At this point, any conversation with us can be dangerous: “Really? You’re thinking about chickens? Well! We just happen to have a length of fencing that would be perfect!”

          Since we’ve only now put the house on the market, we’re wearing a path over the 1.8 mile stretch of Main Street between it and the condo. Sanity prevailed over thrift and we hired someone else to paint two rooms that were looking a bit battered, but we’re still bopping back and forth. I spent much of Sunday morning weeding, but with an acre and a half of land, the process had a teaspoon-and-ocean kind of feel to it. There’s an open house planned for next weekend, so that means back to the homestead for more yard work and touch up.

          Today I hope to get outside here and gain control of the flowerbeds surrounding our condo.

 There is one area that’s been managing on its own, but the previous owners were big tomato growers, so next to the building there were no lush and self-sufficient perennials to welcome us.


Instead we have all the volunteers that moved in while the place sat empty this spring. 

          We bought this place to lighten our workload but, at least for now, have managed to double it instead.


  1. It's SO much work. Better you than me, this time.

  2. I'm sure it's all super-exhausting, but just think how great it will be once this hurdle is past! Anything good growing in that bed of volunteers?

    1. I actually did find a tomato plant, and once all the weeds were pulled away, a bed full of phlox!

  3. Good luck. Moving is one of the most stressful times. And maintaining two homes would do my head (and back) in.

  4. Moves are chaotic and a headache. My 80 year old friend said, "You shouldn't have to move when you're 80!"

  5. At least the double workload is temporary and once the old house sells you can relax a bit and take your time with the new garden.

  6. We just happen to have a length of fencing that would be perfect!


  7. You're almost there! I know that feeling of not quite being settled in, with plenty of travel between the two places. I am glad you hired someone to do the painting. :-)


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