Thursday, August 24, 2017

Afternoon terror

     No, I'm not packing a miniature sheep for the trip to this weekend's Bar Mitzvah.

And no, Mamie hasn't acquired a sudden urge for travel. 

     The dreaded and evil landscapers were mowing today.
     After the suitcase she just dug herself into her bed and shook until they were gone.
Not the bravest cowgirl on the ranch. 


  1. She'll get used to them eventually, although it could take a long while. In three years Angel never got used to the garbage trucks that came weekly here.

  2. Poor little girl. Don't you wish you could explain it to her and that would be that? But we can't, we just have to feel for them. :-)

  3. she'll get used to them, at least Minnie did. she cowers and finds a place to hide for thunder or even just rain. also loud pops like gunfire or cars backfiring. that will send her to her safe dark place in the closet in a heartbeat.

  4. Maybe not, but she sure is the cutest!

  5. Like River, it is garbage trucks which cause terror here. And white van men.

  6. Poor Mamie. She does remind me of a little lamb. Our little Pooh used to be afraid of noises and would be a nervous wreck.


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